Have you ever lost a large filling, cracked a tooth or had root canal therapy? If the answer is yes, that you probably need a crown. If you don’t have the time or energy for multiple visits, which traditional ceramic crowns requires, that means you are a candidate for CEREC crown at Shaheen Family Dental.

CEREC is a high tech dental device that uses CAD-CAM system (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) for making dental restorations such as crowns, onlay, overlay or veneers. The main advantage of this system is single-visit convenience.

Traditional crowns requires multiple visits. At the first visit, after taking your dental and health history, examination and x-rays, the dentist has to prepare the tooth and take the impression. Between two visits, the patient is provided with temporary crown, which often does not fit properly, comes off easily, causing discomfort and sensitivity. At the second visit the patient gets the definitive crown.

In comparison, CEREC crowns require just one visit. It’s possible to make it faster because of digital technology. On the same day, after examination and x-rays, we prepare the tooth and take digital impression. The tooth preparation for this type of crown requires less tooth grinding, which save the healthy tooth tissue (enamel and dentin) and the tooth nerve is less likely to be damaged. Digital impression implies the use of special camera (intra oral camera) that captures every detail of the prepared tooth. After the impression, the restoration is designed on the chair-side computer. When the design is finished, the restoration is sent to the milling machine, then the restoration is ready for checking if it fits properly. If every aspect, masticatory and aesthetic is satisfactory, the restoration can be glazed (that process makes it smooth and shiny) and then cemented to the tooth. All that, in just couple of hours.

The CEREC crowns are made of high quality ceramic material and can be made in different shades of white, so they can blend in perfectly with your teeth and look natural. The restoration is made of single ceramic block. Even though, the restoration is made in one day, that doesn’t affect duration or quality. With good oral hygiene, with brushing twice a day, flossing and regular visits, it can last for years.

If you were wondering how much the CERAMIC crown cost, you must know that same day crowns usually cost about the same as traditional ceramic crowns. Even the equipment used to manufacture these crowns is quite expensive, the fact that there is no dental lab cost and only one appointment is needed – that reduce the price. Call Shaheen Family Dental to day to schedule a consultation.